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The JNH Lifestyles Freedom 4-person corner far-infrared sauna is high quality, offered with life-time tech support and the bonus of a 5-year warranty. It is designed to fit tidily into a corner


There are eight high quality carbon fiber far infrared heaters to keep this sauna toasty, there are six at the back and two at calf level (wattage 1760w).


There’s a digital control that enables you to set the temperature and the length of time you intend to use the sauna. You will also find built in AUX controls and premium speakers – so you can plug in your own audio and relax to whatever music takes your fancy. Add to this the efficient and cost-effective LED lighting and the features make for an impressive list.


There’s an EMF rating of 2 – 3 mG at 6 inches away from heater (average rating), and the electrical requirements are as follows: 110V ~ 120V / Dedicated 20Amps Breaker (NEMA 5-20P Socket Required). This sauna and all of the components are ETL Approved.


At 59.1 (Back) x 25.6″ (Side) x 47.3″ (front) x 75″ (h), this sauna can fit up to four of your nearest and dearest.


Made from 100% quality Canadian Western Red Cedar Wood (FSC certified “green” wood), this sauna is made from the best materials. You won’t find any plywood in this sauna and there are no chemicals either.

The sauna door is made from safety glass which can withstand much higher temperatures and offers better insulation than standard glass. The glass door also provides good visibility.


The sauna is made from a tongue and groove construction that equals a robust and sturdy structure. There’s dual wall construction too and this means better heat insulation (and no expanding wood). The corner style lends itself to being slotted neatly away and taking up less space. Surprisingly the sauna is easy to fit together too – you won’t need lots of tools and well-meaning friends to help you.

How Do People Rate This Sauna?

This sauna ticks boxes due to its easy assembly and the fact it can be taken down and put up without too much fuss (if you need to move it from location to location). Customers were satisfied with the level of heat omitted (due to the good positioning of the eight heaters) and the smell of cedar that emanates from it.