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The JNF Lifestyles Freedom 2 person far-infrared sauna is perfect for two -cosy up and share the heat. There’s a 5-year warranty and life-time tech support.


This sauna has 7 Carbon Fiber Infrared heaters (with a wattage of 1540W). There are 2 heaters at the back, 2 at shoulder height to the side, 2 lower down (at leg height) and 1 at calf height. The heaters are positioned in order to maximise heat output.


There are two speakers and an amplifier (via a 3.5mm auxiliary plug). You can use a portable device to listen to your own tunes and there is a volume rocker and on/off switch control. You also get durable LED lighting which are made to last and are very cost-efficient. A digital control panel enables you to set the temperature and how long you want the sauna to stay on for.


There’s an EMF rating of 2 – 3 mG at 6 inches away from heater (average rating), and the electrical requirements are as follows: 110 -120V / 15 Amps (Standard Household Output). This sauna is ETL Approved and all of the components are ETL approved too.


At 47.3″ (w) x 39.5″ (d) x 75″ (h) this is the perfect space to share with a partner or friend. Or if you’re enjoying a little time to yourself you will have plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy.


The exterior of the sauna is FSC Certified Canadian Western Red Cedar and the interior is made from FSC Canadian Western Red Cedar. The FSC status is given due to the wood being “green, “and not chemically treated. The door is made of safety glass which insulates well and allows for a higher temperature within the sauna.


The tongue and grove construction give this sauna is durability and strength. There’s a dual wall too for super heat insulation and you won’t have to worry about the wood expanding. Tools aren’t required to construct this sauna, it fits together easily and can be broken down if you need to transport it to another location.

How Do People Rate This Sauna?

Considered easy to put together and a super addition to the home, this sauna appears to be popular for producing health benefits, with reports of users noticing reduced aches and pains and sleeping much better following a session. Simple to use, users seem more than happy with this sauna.

How Does This Sauna Compare to A Regular JNH 2 Person Sauna?

The regular 2-Seater JNH Lifestyle sauna provides generous heat and really fits the bill if you are seeking a good quality and effective sauna.

However, if you are looking for something a little bit special you should think about an upgrade and go for the premium brand, the JNH Lifestyles Freedom sauna.

Both comfortably seat two people (same size at 39.5 x 47.3 z 75 inches), and both have very effective heating. The standard model comprises of 7 carbon fiber far infrared heaters placed at the back, side and calf level. The Freedom model has 7 zero-EMF carbon fiber far infrared heaters (situated in the same places). The Freedom range offers the only zero EMF heaters (tested by Intertek).

Materials wise the regular sauna is made from FSC certified “green,” and the JNH Freedom range sauna is made from double layer Canadian Western Red Cedar tongue & groove timber.

If you like your tech then you will be glad of a few extras – such as speakers.  The standard JNH sauna has built in AUX and 2 great speakers. The JNH Freedom sauna has built in 3.5 mm AUX control and two premium speakers. Both have digital controls that allow you to control the temperature and how long you would like to stay in the sauna for.