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We all know what a sauna is- these steam rooms have been around for centuries and are a common feature of gyms and spas. As well as being incredibly relaxing, there are a number of health benefits to using a sauna, such as detoxing the body of toxins and purifying the skin.

Lately, a new kind of sauna has been growing in popularity. You may not have heard of them yet, but they’re rapidly becoming the sauna of choice for many health spas and homes. Infrared saunas, use infrared heaters, instead of traditional heat sources, to raise the temperature of the room. They outperform traditional saunas in many ways: they’re less dangerous, plus they cause the body to warm up faster, even though they sit at a lower overall temperature.

Infrared light is able to penetrate the skin and promotes an array of health benefits. One of the most interesting benefits is that infrared wavelength can heal the dermis and the epidermis of the skin. The heat helps stimulate the production of collagen and improves the overall skin tone. These unique health benefits show why infrared saunas are rapidly challenging the popularity of traditional saunas.

If you’re considering purchasing an infrared sauna, check out our quick guide below to help you make the right choice:

There are three important things to know before you purchase a sauna:

Considerations when purchasing a new sauna for your home:

The main difference between infrared saunas is the material used to make the emitter: carbon or ceramic. Although both types work effectively, the main difference comes in the size of the heater and the heat intensity experienced.

Comparing the two types of emitters, the best choice is the carbon emitter sauna. Although some people may opt for the ceramic one, the carbon one is generally considered to be superior. Carbon heaters have the advantage of spreading heat more evenly around the sauna unit. This ensures that all the wall space is covered and heat penetrates your body more evenly.

When it comes to ceramic emitters, you can choose between solid ceramic and incoloy. Incoloy is an element coated in ceramic but we would recommend steering clear as it is it is not real ceramic and its quality is generally low. With the solid ceramic, the element used in heating is a solid convex ceramic heater. Saunas with ceramic emitters are perfect for people who want to build their own sauna. The only issue with this type of emitter is its small size and localized temperature. If using a ceramic heater, place the backrest at least four inches away from the heater so that users don’t experience discomfort on their skin. The small size of the emitters means that if you want to design a larger sauna, you need to get several emitters.

Looking at the carbon emitters, you will see that they have a larger surface area compared to the ceramic ones. This means that they have a cooler surface temperature and better coverage of the body. This large surface area is beneficial, since it is possible to feel the heater while it is on without getting any burns. It also reduces the cold and hot spots on the sauna due to the uniformity in the heating.

4 Best Infrared Saunas 2018


1. JNH Lifestyles 2-Person Indoor Far Infrared Sauna

This outstanding infrared sauna comes with 7 Far-Infrared Carbon Fiber Heaters, found at the side, calf and back, which maximize the heating areas. It is made out of Canadian Wood with no added chemicals, and a T & G Construction Tongue that creates a stronger structure.

The JHN comfortably fits in tight spaces, thus saving you time and hassle regarding insulation and heat expansion. It is also equipped with a transparent door, specially designed with safety glass, that tolerates high temperatures inside the cabin as well as providing better visibility from inside the sauna.

The patented structure’s assembly is tool-free, making it easy to assemble the sauna. Disassembly is just as simple, as the panels can easily be buckled.

What’s more, the JHN comes with a premium sound system, including two premium speakers and an amplifier that uses a 3.5mm auxiliary plug. The system includes an on/off switch and a volume rocker, and can be used with any portable radio.

The interior is lined with LED lighting and long-lasting, 50% cost-efficient bulbs, providing soothing lighting in the sauna. The control panel is digitally controlled allowing you to adjust your preferred temperature and sauna duration settings easily. The 110 ~ 120V /15 Amps electrical equipment and the other components all have a 5-year part warranty.

2. 3-Person, Corner Fitting Infrared Far Sauna

This is by far the best corner sauna on the market. It can comfortably fit in the corner of your room- ideal if space is tight in your home. Despite its compact size, this 3-person sauna is roomy enough for family use.

7 carbon heaters evenly distribute heat throughout the sauna, which can operate up to 141 degrees Fahrenheit.

It heats up fast, but its energy costs remain low. Dual interior and exterior controls accurately regulate temperature, as well as allowing you to adjust the mood lighting. It also features a CD/mp3 plug-in, so you can play relaxing music in the spa.

The designers have considered everything to ensure that users have the most comfortable experience possible. Therefore the interior features comfortable backrests, a magazine rack and towel hooks.

Its transparent door allows the users to see outside whilst using the sauna, therefore making the space inside feel larger.

The solid Hemlock tongue and groove panelling allows for easy assembly and an aesthetically pleasing final look.


3. 1 or 2-Person Dynamic AMZ-DYN-6106-01 Low EMF 6 Far Infrared Carbon Sauna

The Dynamic Low EMF Sauna was constructed with the environment in mind. The wood used is Reforested Canadian Hemlock and the sauna walls are double panelled, using the thickest interior wood planks compared with other manufacturers. This results in a sauna which retains heat more efficiently, therefore heating up faster and using less energy.

6 low EMF Infrared carbon energy efficient heating panels (including an industry leading foot heater) produce heat which is evenly distributed throughout the sauna. The best news is that, unlike ceramic heaters, you will never need to replace these panels. These heating panels are 30% larger than ceramic tubes and penetrate the skin 40% more effectively, therefore maximizing the therapeutic benefits of the sauna.

Although the sauna is capable of reaching 140 degrees Fahrenheit, it operates most effectively at 120 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing you to enjoy the sauna longer and more comfortably in order to maximize the health benefits.

The sauna is conveniently operated with dual interior and exterior soft touch control panels with LED displays. These allow you to adjust the temperature of the sauna, see the time and play your favourite music through the saunas built in MP3 aux connection speakers.

Super easy to install, the sauna plugs into any dedicated 15 amp 110 volt outlet so no special wiring is required. It can be installed on carpet and anywhere indoors, such as a garage, bathroom, or walk-in closet.


4. 4 Person Outdoor Ceramic Infrared Sauna Hemlock Wood

This outdoor sauna is the perfect addition to any garden, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a sauna, without reducing space in your home. The roof is fully shingled and waterproof and the wooden panelling is made from 100% waterproof hemlock wood construction. Glass doors and windows allow the users to see outside and are weather-sealed, making this the most relaxing way to enjoy the outdoors and sauna at the same time. 

Temperature can be controlled by a digital control panel inside the sauna. Create a relaxing atmosphere with the MP3/aux input with 2 speakers and the 4 LED reading lights.

The sauna heats up quickly, in only 30 minutes, and operates to temperatures of 140 degrees Fahrenheit- far more comfortable than traditional saunas. 6 ceramic far infrared heaters (plus 2 under-bench heaters) ensure even distribution of heat throughout the sauna, far more consistently that ceramic tubes.

This sauna allows you to enjoy the health benefits of a sauna alongside experiencing nature, plus it doesn’t take up space in your house.


The History of Infrared Saunas

electric light bath
The most amazing thing about infrared saunas is that they’re not as new as people think. Many people think infrared saunas only started appearing in the past twenty or so years. However, that is not the case.

The first appearance of a sauna that used light sources in order to create heat was in 1893. Before then, saunas used steam in order to heat the room. In 1893, Dr. Kellogg created what he called an “electric light bath”. It used light bulbs to create heat. While the light bulbs didn’t specifically create infrared light, much of the heat was still on that wavelength.

It was in the 1920s that the specific use of infrared light became more widespread. German physicians used it to experiment with the healing process. From then on, it became the go-to choice for experiments with healing and how the human body deals with heat, due to the ability of infrared light and heat to heat up the body without causing as much long term risk.

So, when people try to say that infrared saunas are some kind of new technological fad that will die out soon, you can correct them and point out that they’ve been around for over a century!

Nowadays, there are various ways to use infrared sauna technology for health benefits. You can choose a portable infrared sauna blanket to let your body get better rest, or wear a body slim sauna heat belt to lose weight. Infrared technology has come a long way in the last century and infrared saunas are at the pinnacle of that progression.

Next we will talk about how to select a right sauna to fit your needs and home.

Various Benefits of Infrared Saunas

There are a number of benefits associated with using infrared saunas. Below is a list of the main benefits.

One of the biggest benefits of saunas is that they help the body expel toxins in a completely natural way. Sweating rids the body of toxins, however, it is not possible to sweat if you are injured or unable to exercise. Thanks to infrared saunas, you can sweat even when you are injured. It is estimated that these saunas are seven times more effective as compared to the traditional Swedish saunas when it comes to eliminating toxins from the body.

Here is the best sauna for detox:

>> Ideal Sauna – Infrared Portable Sauna Negative Ion Detox <<

Another benefit of these types of sauna is that it helps balance the level of the stress hormone, Cortisol, in the body. The heat in the sauna helps relax your muscles and relieve tension throughout the body. It can also help in relaxing your muscles by increasing blood circulation. It is also helpful in getting relief from joint pain or muscle aches.

Infrared saunas increase the core body temperature, which leads to an increase in heart rate and burns calories at a faster rate as body works hard to bring down the core temperature. One research study has reported that a 30 minute session in an infrared sauna can lead to burning of around 600 calories.
Additionally, infrared sauna helps improve muscle recovery as well as skin purification. Elimination of toxins from your body results in softer, clear and healthy skin.
Treatment in infrared saunas is available in a variety of levels, including near, middle and far. These levels refer to the size of infrared wavelengths and intensity of the treatment. Near infrared level is considered to be great for enhancing immunity and faster healing of wounds. Middle level is considered best for muscle relaxation and enhancing circulation, whereas far level is considered best for detoxification.

If you have never used an infrared sauna, it is recommended to start with a 4 minute long session with temperature from 160-180 degrees Fahrenheit, before gradually increasing the session length to 15-30 minutes.

Types of Saunas for Home Use

Saunas offer a wide range of health benefits in both dry and wet heated sessions of treatment. They are often installed in luxury resorts and spas, fitness centers, and health clubs as an effective way to unwind. From deep rock saunas to smoke varieties, saunas essentially let your muscles relax, which can come in handy after a long week or heavy exercise.

When it comes to the various kinds of saunas to choose from, you need to consider what will best fit your needs and home.

Traditional saunas involve a sectioned-off area or a small room. Within it, there is a water heater that works by electricity, wood, or gas. Heated rocks can also be used to heat up the room.

Far infrared saunas use ceramics or metal to generate heat by emitting far infrared energy. There are also infrared lamp saunas that use incandescent infrared heat lamps to generate the temperature required in the sauna.

Although all saunas might look very similar at the first sight, they offer quite different benefits. To learn more about the differences, here is an in depth overview of the different types of saunas.

1. Wood-Heated Saunas

You can see this kind of sauna in garden or backyard, most are pretty sauna log cabin.  The wood heated sauna is a paradigm of the Finnish sauna, and has been a popular choice among the Europeans. The wood essentially burns slowly inside a small oven to heat up the stones. It offers a more natural experience with the majority of the heater s being continuously heated stoves. This type of sauna offers a nice relaxing smell with penetrating warmth. Moreover, the crackling sound of the burning wood creates a relaxed ambience to ease the body and blow your mind away.

Despite wood burning saunas achieving quite high temperatures at times, the user can easily set the desired temperature by controlling the rate at which wood burns in the stove. Wood heated saunas don’t require electricity, and they can therefore be installed almost anywhere. In this case, if you want to, you can have it installed in your home or even your garden. They are commercially available and modern stoves are relatively more efficient and easy to maintain.

2. “Savu saunas” or Smoke Saunas

This is the most traditional type of sauna in Finland, and whilst they are quite rare in other European countries, they are a hugely popular in Finland. Why? Unlike the wood heated saunas, smoke saunas don’t have a chimney. This means that the smoke from the stove fills the sauna, obscuring the room completely and generating an intense smell of the wood smoke that impregnates your body.

The heater consists of a mounds of rocks- up to several hundreds of pounds of rocks for a large sauna. The sauna is heated up for some time before the users can get into it. The smoke and the flames from the burning wood directly heat the rocks, while the smoke enters the sauna room from the spaces between the rocks. After the heating process is completed and the flame is out, the room is then ventilated to be ready the sauna for use.

The best smoke saunas offer an authentic and smooth experience, however, it is time consuming and requires a lot of preparation before use. Moreover, smoke saunas kits are not commercially available in the U.S.

For more details, please check >> Infrared Sauna vs. Traditional Steam Sauna

3. Electric Saunas

These are very popular in private homes and hotels in the U.S. and Europe. Unlike the wood heated and smoke saunas, electric saunas use electricity to heat up the stones and the room. This makes them very easy to install and easier to maintain. New wall and floor mounted electric heaters are stylish, efficient, safe, and easy to use, offering an incredibly smooth sauna experience.

In most cases, they come with remote controls with temperature displays as well as timers. They are available in a range of sizes and heaters. Nonetheless, since no wood is burned to heat up the sauna, some people may not find them as relaxing or authentic as the traditional saunas.

4. Infrared Saunas

Infrared Saunas are becoming an increasingly popular choice in health clubs, spas, and private houses. Infrared saunas are ideal for relatively small spaces. They are very compact and as opposed to the regular electric heaters, they emit infrared rays that are absorbed by your body. Based on radiant heat, heating elements reflect the heat directly to the human body instead of heating stones or the surrounding air. No steam or water is used in the sauna rooms. They are very efficient for increased blood circulation, helping in weight loss, as well as easing muscle pain. In addition, infrared saunas consume less energy compared to electric saunas and are relatively more affordable.

Click Here for the top rated and best-selling infrared saunas on the market, or continue reading below.
You can also buy saunas by capacity of people. Here are some of the best saunas, organised by capacity:

5. Steam Baths

The origin of steam baths can be traced back centuries and they have remained major attraction in many countries. The major difference from a sauna is that steam baths use steam to heat up the room temperature to approximately 100 degrees Celsius.

Added to the many benefits of saunas, steam baths help to improve your respiratory health. People suffering from allergies and other respiratory diseases will find steam baths very effective in easing discomfort and alleviating some symptoms. Additionally, steam baths offer an unmatched cleansing effect to the skin, leaving it clean and healthy.

Enhance your sauna relaxation by using an ergonomically designed backrest to give you more comfortable support. The best rated backrest model is below for you reference:

Dynamic Canadian Hemlock Sauna Backrest 2-pack


6. Manufactured Sauna Rooms

Sauna rooms using wood burning or electric heaters sauna rooms are presently available as standalone modular units, based on pre-cut lumber units. The lumber materials commonly used include the Nordic White Spruce, Western Red Cedar, Alder, Aspen, Pine, and the Hemlock.

The benefits of saunas go far beyond simple mind and body relaxation. Weight loss and detoxification, improved blood circulation as well as increased oxygen distribution are some of the added benefits of regularly enjoying sauna sessions. In addition, saunas are effective at killing fungus, parasites, bacteria, and viruses, as they find it harder to survive at high body temperatures. Body parts such as eyes, ears, sinuses, throat, and intestines can be treated by regular sauna visits.

Now there is a very convenient and low-cost sauna that many people like use:

Durherm XLarge Emf Free FIR Infrared Portable Sauna
DURHERM XLarge EMF FREE Negative Ion FIR Infrared Portable Indoor Sauna

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Comparing Different Types of Saunas

Saunas have been popular for centuries, and continue to be so in modern days. This is owed to the massive health benefits of the sauna. Regardless of the type of sauna, there are a variety of different health benefits. The common factor across all saunas is bathing in heat. This heat greatly reduces stress, helps the body relax, relieves aches and pains and makes you sweat which aids detoxification of the body.

One frequent debate is the relative merits of traditional versus infrared saunas. These two types of saunas are the most commonly used and in order to determine which is better, we need to look at their features in depth.

The Best Selling Saunas on the Market:

Before we explore the differences, it is worth noting that all these types of saunas provide the stated benefits but the quality of the benefits differ between types. If you have done some research online, you will see infrared dynamic saunas are becoming increasingly popular and receive great reviews from lots of people. Let’s see why.

Difference between the Infrared and Traditional Saunas

Difference Between the Infrared and Traditional Saunas

From the names, you can probably guess that the main difference between the infrared and traditional saunas is the method of heat production. Due to the different heat production methods, the level of heat in the unit varies. The traditional saunas have temperatures that range from about 185 to 195 degrees Fahrenheit. The downside of these temperature levels is that they may prove too much for people who are sensitive to extreme heat. The infrared saunas offer a more gentle heat level as the temperatures range between 120 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. It is worth noting that the low temperature level of the infrared sauna does not imply that it is ineffective when compared to the traditional one. Heat produced by infrared saunas is able to travel and penetrate deeper into the body and triggering more sweating at the relatively lower temperatures.

The second aspect we are going to look at is power consumption. Comparing the two, you will see that the traditional saunas consume more power than the infrared power. To be precise, a typical traditional sauna uses up around 6kW of power while an infrared one will consume around 1.6kW of power. This means that the traditional sauna is roughly three times more expensive to operate than the infrared one. This can quickly add up, especially if you are using the sauna regularly.

When you measure the time needed to heat up the sauna, the infrared sauna clearly beats the traditional one. The traditional sauna takes about thirty minutes to heat up completely while the infrared one will need between ten to twenty minutes.

The assembly time needed is also an area worth comparing. When you purchase an infrared sauna unit, you need around two hours to assemble it since they come in the form of prefabricated panels that snap together or are screwed easily. The traditional sauna on the other hand may take a few days as they are purchased as DIY kits. Although there are some prefabricated units of traditional saunas, it is worth noting that they still need more time compared to the infrared one.

There are also some differences between Carbon VS Ceramic Infrared Sauna as we explained earlier.


How to Check and Buy a Safe, Good Quality Sauna with a Warranty

The benefits of sauna cannot be understated. There is so much to gain from sauna sessions that many medical practitioners are recommending them in the treatment of some ailments. For example, people with excessive amounts of toxins in their blood stand to benefit a great deal from the detoxifying effects of sweating in a sauna.

However, this is only possible if the sauna you use is safe and of a high quality. Since this utility places your body under extreme conditions, you should not take chances.

If you have decided to purchase a sauna, here are some collections of the best reviewed home saunas for sale:

Safety Precautions to Look for When Purchasing a Sauna

One of the most important elements of saunas that you should be concerned about is the type of wood that is used to make the interior of the sauna. Choosing the most appropriate sauna is not simply a matter of the technology used, but also the type of wood used due to the side effects of interactions of the wood and heat.

When softwood is used, the wood tends to be susceptible to warping due to the exposure to heat. Additionally, untreated softwood tend to cause a phenomenon known as ‘outgassing’ – which is the release of toxic gases as the wood is exposed to extreme temperatures.

While making a purchase, make sure that the wood used is treated to prevent the occurrence of outgassing. This is one of the tell-tale signs that the sauna is of high quality.

Life Time Warranty

You should only go for a sauna that comes with a comprehensive and, if possible, a lifetime warranty. This will save you a great deal of money with regards to maintenance and servicing the sauna. In the same line of thought, you should steer clear of used saunas. The warranties on used saunas are usually void since they generally do not cover third party ownership. The item below is best long warranty sauna for you:

4-Person Cedar Corner Infrared Sauna – 7 Year Warranty




Take care

Just because saunas have many benefits, doesn’t mean they are free of downsides. Like all good things, it’s important that you use the sauna in moderation. Prolonged exposure to the level of heat that a sauna creates can cause long term health issues, or even more immediate health hazards if you’re being particularly unsafe. So, if you’re going to use a sauna, you need to make sure you know how to keep yourself safe. See more tips about sauna safety. 

There are various models and brand saunas on the market, you can choose the best one which fits your home, family and needs well. We have picked the best selling models with top reviews and best quality so that you can choose a sauna easily and save time and money.

Bot Selling Saunas on the Market:


Other Types of Sauna Products for Healthy Use: