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Everyone enjoys relaxing and being pampered. What better way to do this than to have your very own steam sauna? There are many great benefits and reasons that people enjoy having their very own steam sauna shower. Steam sauna showers offer up a variety of great benefits for everyone and are an ideal alternative to going to the spa. Get yours today, and see what you’ve been missing out on. Here are 3 top picks models highly recommend to buy.

Best Steam Sauna Showers 2018


1. Bath Master 8004-AS – Home Bathtub Luxury  Spa Sauna, Corner Unit Steam Shower Room

If you’re looking for the perfect home steam sauna, you may be interested in this model. Comes complete with its own steam generator. Surround sound with a loudspeaker, microphone, FM radio and CD connector as well as hands-free phone receiver.

Corner Steam Shower Room With Massage Jets Acupuncture Massage♦ – Control System:

Computer control panel so that you have everything at your fingertips. No need to worry about each individual setting by manually setting each massage unit. The computer makes it quick and easy to set it and forget it.

Remote control along with a fog free mirror and blue LED lighting and ceiling lamps offer many benefits. Set it up before you step in and you’ll feel like you’re at a real spa.

♦ – The massage shower system:

It boasts 6 Body massage Jets which can help to relax your body and make you feel better. Set your massage jets up just like you like them and you’re sure to appreciate the way that they knead out those knots and aches and pains.

Ideal overhead rainfall shower head makes it pleasant to stand in the shower.

Full of features that many home models don’t offer. A hand held shower as well as pulsating jets that you can set up to your liking. A foot massage and a comfy headrest round out the best in comfort features. Multifunction sliding hand holder. Digital timer and temperature control.

The tub portion of the unit is only 17″ deep. Ideal for children or a small dog, not enough for 2 adults. Smaller adults will fit fine in the tub otherwise, it’s not very roomy. This was perhaps the largest complaint found from users. The freestanding unit can be anchored to the floor. Many owners prefer to anchor the unit to the floor as it doesn’t anchor to the wall.

Professional installation is highly recommended with this product. A contractor and a plumber both should be involved in the installation process to ensure that the plumbing and the electrical are all up to specs.

You’ll need a dedicated electrical line with a 30 amp GFCI Breaker of 110V and 10 gauge wires. The junction box must be about 10 inches off the ground. This unit rated 4.5 stars out of a possible 5-star rating.

2. Ariel Bath DZ959F8 L – Platinum Black Steam Shower

The unit can also be used as a regular shower if desired without steam.  You can also use just steam, or both steam and shower. No other model offered this on our list. Many love to have the flexibility to choose from the three options.

Best Steam Sauna Room with generator 6kw♦ – Uses 220

♦ – Ventilation fan included

♦ – Chromatherapy lighting offers you the lighting that you prefer. Create your own ambiance with special lighting.

♦ – FM radio ensures that you can listen to your favorite relaxing music whenever you use the steam sauna

♦ – 2 stools are included so you have the option to sit or stand. You’ll also have a teak wooden floorboard offering you a lovely standing area.

Six jet massage settings for your body ensure that you’ll have the exact massage that you’re looking for. With a handheld rainfall ceiling shower, you’ll appreciate the versatility of this model. You can reach each and every one of those tired sore muscles with minimal effort.

A steam generator of 6kw will produce high-temperature steam in just 2 short minutes. There is an overheat protection so that you won’t set it too high and burn yourself. Aromatherapy system (oils not included) is all ready for your favorite aromatherapy. Relax to your favorite scents and indulge yourself.

The self-contained unit arrives in a large wooden crate. You’ll have to have help unpacking and setting it up. There were no special instructions for professional installation with this model. This model boasts a left side plumbing and drain location. If you need it to drain or have the plumbing to the right you’ll have to be creative with this model and run it underneath setting the unit up a bit higher to run the extra plumbing. That was the largest drawback on this model.

Largest complaint was by shorter persons who complained that the shower heads were all placed for taller persons.

This model rated 4.4 stars out of a possible 5-star rating.

3. Bath Masters 8004-A  – Bathtub Home Spa Sauna, Corner Unit Steam Shower Room

Our third model offers up some great features as well for a steam sauna shower. The lovely copper material is utilized for the bath accessories and faucets. The trim is chrome plated as are the handles. Very attractive and expensive looking. Aromatherapy feature as well, just add in your favorite aromatherapy scent and indulge your senses in aromatherapy adventure fit for a king or queen.

Home Bathtub Spa Sauna, Corner Steam Shower Room♦ – With a loudspeaker and a microphone, you’ll enjoy your favorite music. Bluetooth capable as well as hands-free and there is a CD connector. Select your favorite music to relax by.

♦ – Shower in the dark with a unique feature of blue fluorescent lighting and 2 ceiling lamps. Create your own ambiance for relaxation.

♦ – A ventilation fan will help to keep the steam moving around the room for you so you can enjoy all of the benefits of your steam sauna shower.

♦ – You’ll really appreciate the fog-free mirror and glass. No need to wipe it down to see what the dog or kids are doing.

You’ll appreciate 6 shower massage jets including an “acupuncture” jet. You can adjust your shower massage to reach all those areas that you want to be massaged and focus on relaxing those work worn tired muscles. The overhead rainfall shower head offers up a myriad of benefits including a multifunction sliding handle shower.

The computerized control panel utilizes touch pad technology. All you have to do is touch it where you want your settings and you’re good to shower. It’s never been easier and many love this feature. Just set it and forget it.

Unique ozone sterilizer rain shower. The foot massager is ideal for relaxing those nerve endings and helping your entire body to relax. There’s nothing quite like a foot massage to soothe you after a hard day at work.

Notes:♦ Unfortunately, this model doesn’t have a steam generator included, it’s not a steam shower.

♦ Most people used a plastic belt waterproof system in lieu of silicon for sealing this unit around the edges.

This unit rated 5 stars out of a possible 5-star rating. Plumbing Specification materials are ABS board toughened glass at 5mm and aluminum alloy. All of the inside portions are waterproof.

Now that you know the variety of features that each model offers, you can list out the benefits that you most want and compare them side by side. With so many benefits to choose from you may be hard pressed to decide which model will best suit your needs.

There’s a steam sauna shower for each and every budget and they come in a few different sizes so you’re sure to find one for even the smallest of bathrooms. You’ll appreciate the unique and special features that you can find in each model.

Most units will take a few weeks to arrive and you’ll have to have it shipped to your street address, not a post office box. You’ll want to ensure that someone is home that can help to get the box into the house as well.

Benefits of Buying a Steam Sauna Room For Home

It’s like having your very own health spa right in the comfort of your own home.

They improve your circulation.

If you’re the kind of person who is always cold, this will improve your blood circulation and warm you up helping you to stay warmer throughout the day. They are very beneficial for anyone with asthma, bronchitis or croup. Forget sitting in a regular bathroom “making the walls weep” to improve croup, bronchitis or asthma, this steam sauna will be far superior to a regular shower room.

Steam sauna’s increase your heartbeat.

The heat from the steam sauna makes you sweat which removes toxins through the pores in the skin. Soothe and calm the body reducing stress. Lots of people suffer from stress. It can raise the heart rate and cause all sorts of serious health issues. A steam sauna can counteract all of this and more. Reduce anxiety by soothing the nerves. Many people suffer from anxiety. A steam sauna is something that they can control and use to relax and step away from the anxiety.

Soothing to sore muscles and helps them to relax.

The heat action and massage action can be like a massage and steam all in one. Your muscles will heat up and feel relaxed. As they cool down they’ll be soothed and begin to feel better.

Reduce blood pressure by helping the body to relax and reducing toxins. As you calm down your body naturally relaxes. A steam sauna ensures that your body is relaxing. Choose from one of six soothing massages and you’re sure to have lower blood pressure.

Reduce the severity of chronic pain.

There are many health conditions that involve chronic pain. Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (or CRPS) or Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (or RSD) are both prime examples of chronic pain conditions that may benefit from a steam sauna.

Improve the longevity of your life. As you relax more and lower your blood pressure you’re going to live longer. Ideal for those who suffer from arthritis as it can ease the painful joints and tendons.

Improve your skin tone and clear up acne.

The steam in the steam sauna will open up your pores and the toxins will slough off. This will reduce breakouts in acne patients. Soothe and warm nerve endings which can reduce tension. Stress will fall away as you soothe and warm your nerve endings.

Ask anyone who suffers from headaches or migraines and they’ll tell you that a steam sauna is an ideal benefit to soothe them away. You can also add in some aromatherapy to help reduce the headaches. Whether it’s a tension headache or a migraine or something in between, you’re sure to appreciate the ease in which the steam sauna shower helps to reduce your headache. If you’re into a medicine-free life, this is the ticket to no more headaches.

Improve sleep and reduce insomnia.

Add in a steam sauna to your nighttime ritual and as your body cools back down it will produce melatonin naturally causing you to relax and fall asleep easier. Improve the releasing of endorphins in a steam sauna which will make you feel much better. When your brain releases endorphins, you feel less pain and you feel good. These feel good hormones are relaxing and helpful and will improve even the darkest of moods.

Acute sinusitis suffers can finally clear their sinuses once and for all. A quick steam can do amazing things to reduce sinusitis and prevent it from coming back. You can also add in some aromatherapy to help with this if desired. Imagine some eucalyptus and lavender to steam away that sinus infection.

Reduce weight and improve the metabolism with a steam sauna.

As the sauna makes you sweat you’re going to lose some weight. It may not be a lot, but it will definitely help to jump start your weight loss plan and boost your metabolism.

With so many benefits, there is one caution, be sure that you don’t stay in the steam sauna too long. Make sure that you drink plenty of fluids and if you begin to feel dizzy, it’s definitely time to get out and sit down.

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