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Saunas are a common feature in most of the health related establishments such as spas and gym. The prominence of these facilities is primarily due to health benefits that they accord their users. Thanks to infrared technology and very creative designers, you can have your own private sauna in your home or just outside of it. Indoor saunas and outdoor saunas have recently hit an all-time high. It is very common to find homeowners renovating their bathroom to add an indoor sauna. On the other hand, many new homes are being built to incorporate an indoor sauna or outdoor sauna from the onset of the construction. Suffice to say, having a sauna is the new trend in home ownership.

Prerequisites of Installing Sauna

How to choose outdoor or indoor infrared saunasIf you find yourself fancying having a sauna in your home, you should acquaint yourself with the requirements of installing one, the differences between indoor and outdoor sauna and the advantages that each of the two accord users. The requirements that go into installing a sauna are pretty much the same, regardless of it being an indoor or outdoor sauna.

Space Requirements

You need to consider the issue of space. Depending on the size that you fancy, a sauna can take up a lot of space. Indoor saunas are limited in terms of sizes to the amount of space in your bathroom that you are willing to give up for you to install your sauna.

However, outdoor saunas are very flexible in terms of space. Since their sizes are not limited to the amount of pre-existing floor space, they can be as big as you want and can have whatever design that you feel is appropriate for you.

Utility Supply

You should also consider the supply of utility to and from the room. Utilities such as water, electricity supply and drain line need to be in your thoughts. Indoor sauna are usually installed in an area that has pre-existing connections such as water, drainage, and electrical wiring. On the other hand, installation of an outdoor sauna requires you to install new connections to the room.

Traditional vs Infrared Sauna

Home saunas offer two choices of sauna that consumer can choose one from. There is the choice of traditional sauna where a traditional heating method such as stoves is used to heat up the air that cause the sweating action. A more modern choice is the use of infrared heater that emit infrared rays, which are similar to those emitted by the sun.

Comparision Traditional And Infrared Saunas
The different in these two modalities of heat transmission is the resulting ambient temperature. Traditional heating stove creates a higher ambient temperature that is can be very uncomfortable for people sensitive to heat. Infrared causes the seating action at lower ambient temperature.

A choice of two should be considered when making a purchase of a sauna. Regardless of the choice of sauna that you make having one enhances your access to sauna sweating. However, you should also have a sense of what to expect when installing an indoor or outdoor sauna. One way of doing this is by understanding the advantages that each accord users. There is a Comparison outdoor and indoor infrared sauna.

Advantages of Indoor Saunas

One obvious advantage of indoor saunas is that they accord users much more privacy. You can have a sauna session without leaving your bathroom, let alone your house. Additionally, indoor saunas are very cheap to install as they use pre-existing facilities and utilities. They also typically use one or two walls reducing the need to purchase construction materials. They are also easy and quick to install, thus reducing the inconvenience of extensive remodeling.

The Best Indoor Sauna


JNH Lifestyles 2 Person Far Infrared Sauna


JNH Lifestyles 2 Person Far Infrared Sauna 7 Carbon Fiber HeatersDetails:

  • FSC Certified “Green” Wood, NO chemical added.
  • NO plywood at all Double layer Canadian Hemlock T&G timber,
  • Best insulation the EMF rating is 2-4mG when the sensor is 4″ away! Really high.
  • 5 Year Warranty


Customer Reviews:

“7 different panels — a lot of surface area — so there are no not spots that you need to avoid.  The built in amp and speakers is a nice touch.”

“Everything worked perfect~! It heats up in less than 15 minutes. Good part. Excellent quality, engineering and planning for the price.”

Advantages of Outdoor Saunas

Outdoor saunas emerge as the best choice for families that require large-sized saunas. They are not limited by space and thus they can have any dimensions to your personal satisfaction.

They also offer therapeutic sessions as they can be installed in the natural setting of your back yard. This offers you a more relaxation feeling while attending sessions. Outdoor saunas are also the perfect choice if you want them to be used alongside with the swimming pool. They can be constructed near a swimming pool for you and your guest to use whenever you have a pool party. Due to their possible enormous sizes, they can be used as an additional guest room.

The best Outdoor Sauna


4 Person Cedar Outdoor Infrared Sauna



  • 10 Carbon Heaters; 2270 watts; Operates up to 141 degrees F; 120v / 20amp power
    Solid Canadian Red Cedar wood
  • Adjustable roof vents bring in outside air; Electronic oxygen ionizer helps purify the air, keeping it clean and fresh
  • EZ – Touch dual interior and exterior LED control panels; 7-Color Chromotherapy system; Bronze tinted tempered glass
  • 7 Year Warranty

Customer Reviews:

“You can use this sauna for long time and it will still has a very pleasant cedar odor. You can use this natural wood sauna safe and healthy.”

“If you have special like of cedar wood and dual heater and light, this must be the best to choose! “


In conclusion, the choice whether to buy indoor sauna or outdoor sauna , boils down to the amount of money you are willing to spend, the size of sauna that you want and the purpose of your sauna (for private use only or for you and your guest). There is no perfect choice, just the right choice for every individual.