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The infrared sauna is a very popular thing today. People all over the world have a liking for the sauna since it has several beneficial health effects to them. It is very common to see people today buying infrared saunas for their own personal use at home. There are several types of infrared sauna and several options as well that come into play when buying a sauna. Before you set out on buying an ideal cheap infrared sauna for your specific needs, it is advisable to assess all the options you have so that you are able to make an informed decision.

One thing that greatly dictates the course you take when buying a sauna is the budget. Different saunas cost differently and you need to choose the best one. Setting a budget is a very crucial thing before buying a sauna. One thing you need to know when setting your budget is that being realistic is a very important thing. Conduct some homework and find out on the sauna price ranges so that you can get a rough figure to set your budget on. The price ranges of the saunas generally go hand in hand with the sizes and features and it is obvious that the most expensive ones may have more benefits as opposed to the cheapest ones. You should avoid setting a very low budget as you can easily land on a substandard sauna that will leave you disappointed.

Budget issues generally depend with the financial muscle of the person setting the budget. Most people operate on relatively small budgets and this does not mean that they should miss getting a good sauna. If you have a low budget and still assess your options carefully, you can get a very good sauna that will serve you effectively. Some features of saunas greatly dictate the price of the overall unit and you need to look at them so that you choose the best cost effective sauna.

Top 3 Cheap Saunas


1. Sauna Portable Infrared FAR Carbon Fiber Panels

Best Cheap Portable Far Infrared Sauna

About the product:

  • polyester exterior fabric, cotton insulation and a durable reflective polyester inside material
  • Rejuvenator Portable Far Infrared Carbon Fiber Sauna – Wired Remote Control – Max Heat 140 Degrees
  • Heating Panels FIR carbon fiber heating panels and Infrared Heated Foot Pad
  • Weight Loss – Burns 600+ Calories in 30 minutes – Spasms, Backaches and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFIDS, CFS)

Customer reviews:

“Better than I could have hoped, easy to use and helps with detox.”
“This is the best portable Infrared Sauna! It is worth the money! It is well worth the purchase.”

2. JNH Lifestyles 2 Person Far Infrared Sauna 7 Carbon Fiber Heaters

About the product:

  • Dimension: 47.3″ (w) x 39.5″ (d) x 75″ (h),
  • Electrical Requirement: 110V ~ 120V / 15 Amps (Standard Household Output)
  • FSC Certified “Green” Wood, NO chemical added.
  • NO plywood at all Double layer Canadian Hemlock T&G timber,
  • Best insulation the EMF rating is 2-4 mg when the sensor is 4″ away! Really high.
  • Comparably, the Rocky Mountain saunas are 0.6 mg when less than one inch away. The Sunlighten is rated at 0.03 mg when one inch away.

Customer Reviews:

“This sauna is easy to put together and easy to move.”
“The temperature and time settings are easily, just entered on a push panel….”
“The built in amp and speakers looks nice and comfortable to touch”

3. JNH Lifestyles Joyous 4 Person Far Infrared Sauna

About the product:

  • 9 Carbon Fiber Far Infrared Heaters, ETL Approved
  • Digital Controlling
  • AM/FM/CD/MP3 Player with 2 speakers
  • Canadian Hemlock T&G timber
  • 5 Year warranty

Customer Reviews:

“Easy to put together with instructions provided”
“Customer service was awesome in answering all questions…” 

What to Consider When Buying a Sauna with a Small Budget

The size of the sauna is a very critical thing especially when on a low budget. Choose the small saunas that are meant to serve one to two people efficiently. Such saunas are also very good since they eat up very little space in your home meaning lesser costs. There are two main types of saunas that is the traditional one and the infrared one. Choosing the infrared one is the best option in such a situation since it uses very little power compared to the traditional one meaning it will need lesser maintenance costs. You also have the option of choosing the small infrared portable sauna that is far much cheaper. The other way to reduce the costs is choosing a sauna that is easy to install since the installation costs may prove to be huge with some saunas. The infrared saunas are the best when it comes to installation since they come as pre-fabricated panels that can be easily screwed together or ones that can snap together.

Buying an Infrared Sauna with a Bigger Budget

As seen from the options you have when you are operating on a small budget, it is evident that the selection is limited. With a bigger budget, you do not have to restrict yourself on the space and size for how many people use, since you can get the bigger saunas. The huge budget will enable you to get a larger space to set up a huge sauna. The larger size sauna will be able to accommodate more people due to the increased capacity. It is worth noting all the above options should be preferably the infrared sauna since when compared to the traditional one; you will see that the infrared has more advantages.

How To Make Budget To Buy Best Infrared Sauna

With this big budget, you can get an outdoor infrared sauna that can be customized to fit your personal preferences. The shape of the sauna and the design can be customized so that you get a sauna that fits all your wishes. You can also get a sauna that has more functions compared to the normal saunas. You can diversify your sauna choice by getting the ones that are fit for parties or ones that have other interesting features.

From the overview of the options you have with a bigger budget, it is evident that you can get a very good sauna for you.

Overview of Selecting the Best Sauna

The above considerations are specific in that they cover the low budget situation and the huge budget one. However, in a normal situation, you need to know what to look at so that you get the best sauna for your specific needs.

One of the things you need to look at is the number of people who will be using the sauna. Different saunas have different capacities and it is good to choose one that will serve you well. Getting a sauna that is too little will result in inefficiency while getting one that is too large will be a waste. The other thing you need to check on is the type of sauna you are getting. The infrared is the best option due to the advantages got by using it with one of them being cost effectiveness. The third thing you should check on your choices of wood. Some types of wood are very costly yet the benefits got do not really reflect their value. Lastly, you should consider installing some entertainment features in the sauna so that you do not get bored when you are in. We make a collection of different types of special saunas for you:

Top Rated portable indoor sauna easy to clean is: DURHERM XLarge
Best Cheap portable infrared sauna easy to fold is: FAR Carbon Fiber Panels
Best Comfortable infrared sauna blanket is: Nova 3 Zone Fir Far Infrared Sauna Blanket
Best Selling 2 person indoor sauna famous brand is: JNH Lifestyles cheap and NE2HB1 no Emf
Best Cheap 1person far infrared sauna is: Dynamic Saunas Amz-Dyn-6106-01
Best Affordable outdoor sauna for 2 person is: Radiant BSA2409 2-Person
Best Dual outdoor cedar wood sauna is: 3 Person Sierra/Rustic Dual Control Sauna

As seen above, several options come in when buying a sauna. All in all your needs are very important factors and they play a very crucial role in determining the type of sauna you choose. Once you set reasonable budget and get your options right, you will undoubtedly get a good sauna for you.